Ores of Eadros

The Witch's Hideaway and Igor's Challenge
The story so far...

Our adventurers have been recruited to a secret organisation at the University of Cappoleia as their brand new airship division. 

Previously, the university was attacked by Cai-ist rebels. They chased the rebels down to the docks where they defeated some minions but the ringleader – Cai herself – got away. 

During a training march, the team took a diversion to rescue a little girl from drug runners and a witch in the woods. Liadon got some smelly candles; Zarat got creative with the drugs to knock out the guards; all in all, a great time was had by all. 

The day of their graduation from the training program came, and much liquid celebration was had. During the ensuing downtime, a flyer was handed to Zarat, Liadon and Yorick by a gnome:



You are invited to compete for a <u>grand</u> and <u>mysterious</u> prize!

Will you prove the strongest? The quickest? The smartest?

The group to make it through Igor's challenges in the shortest dime will receive the item of their wildest dreams!

Report to THE DRUNCKEN ALBATROSS, PENTHILL by the 4th of Grune to enter

(Speak to Garrick;                   Bring Coin…)


They duly caught the next busffalo and headed off to Penthill. 

Liadon thought she could see a hidden message in the flyer the gnome had handed out. 

They went to the Drunken Albatross and fell for the old broomstick-in-a-cloak routine. Luckily the gnomes who had set up the trick gave them some hints for their trouble and paid their bar tab. 

The next day the adventurers gathered outside with their competitors for the start of the race. Among the hopefuls was a renowned human fighter called Antimony Libavius. She was rumoured to have never lost a fight, and indeed today she is bragging about her prowess to all around.

An illusion of Igor, the great Gnome inventor, appears before them. He tells the gathered throng that the dungeon is not lethal (although it is dangerous) and that all creatures within are his friends or trained beasts. Any attempt to harm them will result in disqualification. He reiterates that the prize is his newest and greatest invention yet. And he asks the participants not to bring anything valuable into the dungeon – they should leave any such items at the tavern, where they will be safe.

With this, the group enter the dungeon. Although initially separated, Yorick aced his dex check to progress quickly to the next room, while Liadon and Zarat navigated a mirror maze (almost losing Liadon through a mirror at one point). Unfortunately, Yorick became frightened of a statue and fell down a slide, taking damage at the bottom. Here, he met up with the others, who had easily overcome an illusory wall. 

More puzzles were no match for the team, as they overcame reverse gravity and darkness spells, a perplexing lock and a dragon colouring-in task. By this point they had run into Antimony, who was no help at all, and had collected a few magic items – a potion of psychic resistance, a box of Nolzur's Marvellous Pigments and an Iron Flask which seemed to contain… a cat. Zarat adopted the cat and Yorick named it Ban Ki Moon. 

Antimony attempted to prevent the party from progressing after what seemed like the final room. Recognising (after absolutely no hints from the DM) that fighting her was not an option, and attempting to trap her with some cunning use of the pigments, the party were forced to let Antimony pass them to the final room. However, a dice puzzle proved to be her undoing, and the team watched as she fell into the losers' room below.

Yorick used dumb luck to accidentally get the puzzle right first time. As he called out the correct number, the final door opened and the team moved forward to meet Igor and receive their prize. The invention had a strange effect on the team – they felt strongly that they must give up their most valuable possession in return for this fantastic object — whatever it was. Liadon exchanged her potion of healing for the splendiferous thing, and they retired to the losers' room to celebrate with the other adventurers.

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